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My signature: Jorid Jønland
Playable Experience Designer

Maker of experiences, electronics, games and other shiny things.

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Graphic Design: D&D Character Sheet

Preview of a Dungeons & Dragons character sheet in white, black and beige with a minimalist look and simple line drawings.

I recently started playing Dungeons and Dragons, and as much as I love slaying dragons and kicking butt in a...

Game Design: Pilgrims

Two cards with different coloured hexagons on, laying on top of a game board. Next to the hexagons are questions, two of them are readable and say 'What game did you love playing as a kid?' and 'If you could sit down with your 15-year old self, what would you tell them?'.

Pilgrims is a social board game for 2 - 10 players who take on the role of pilgrims completing a...

Larp Design: Sea of Wishes

A stack of paper, a list of tarot cards and some stationary on a desk. The paper is titled 'The Sea of Wishes' and has a table of contents. This is the larp script for Sea of Wishes.

I was introduced to an international community of people who use larp to express themselves artistically and politically in the...