Larp Design: Sea of Wishes

A stack of paper, a list of tarot cards and some stationary on a desk. The paper is titled 'The Sea of Wishes' and has a table of contents. This is the larp script for Sea of Wishes.

I was introduced to an international community of people who use larp to express themselves artistically and politically in the summer of 2015, when I attended the week-long ‘Larpwriter Summer School’, a seminar on larp design with participants from all over the world. On a follow-up seminar the following winter, I wrote the larp ‘Sea of Wishes’ in collaboration with Belarusian larp writer, copywriter, photograper and all-round superwoman Elena Rabkina and Danish journalist and larp-genius Frederikke B. Høyer.

Sea of Wishes is a larp that draws on the fairy tale genre to create stories about conflicts between the community and the individual. Through the larp, the participants create their own fairy tale about a small fisherman village on an island in the middle of the ocean, where the community is faced with questions of sacrifice, selfishness, wishes and desires.

Since its creation, the larp has been played in four different countries and translated to three additional languages. If you want to have a look at the larp script, just drop me a line at jorid(at)!

A person is kneeling on a tiled stone floor. In front of them lies five tarot cards, face down. The room is dark, and a spotlight is shining on the person and the cards.

Picture taken from our very first run of Sea of Wishes in Vilnius, Lithuania.