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Playable Experience Designer

Maker of experiences, electronics, games and other shiny things.

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Larp Design: The God of ______

Paper prototype of the game. A piece of paper which reads 'You are the god of (blank). You have been forgotten by your people. Still, they lond for your guidance.' And then, in all caps 'Close your eyes and breathe.' In the blank space is a paper strip which can be pulled to show different words. Two words are visible, beauty and poetry.

You are a god, visiting the realm of humans. What will you tell them?

Graphic Design: D&D Character Sheet

Preview of a Dungeons & Dragons character sheet in white, black and beige with a minimalist look and simple line drawings.

I recently started playing Dungeons and Dragons, and as much as I love slaying dragons and kicking butt in a...

Game Design: Pilgrims

Two cards with different coloured hexagons on, laying on top of a game board. Next to the hexagons are questions, two of them are readable and say 'What game did you love playing as a kid?' and 'If you could sit down with your 15-year old self, what would you tell them?'.

Pilgrims is a social board game for 2 - 10 players who take on the role of pilgrims completing a...

Larp Design: Sea of Wishes

A stack of paper, a list of tarot cards and some stationary on a desk. The paper is titled 'The Sea of Wishes' and has a table of contents. This is the larp script for Sea of Wishes.

I was introduced to an international community of people who use larp to express themselves artistically and politically in the...